Recently completed
Dining room table
Private residence in Eugene, Oregon
60 inch diameter tabletop
1 inch thick
Watermark surface
Full polish on radiused edge
Made with recycled glass
Woodwork by Chris Fralick
The Bijou Metro Project
16 hallway ceilng panels
11 bowl pendant lights
23 wall sconces
glass concession counters
Bijou Metro Theater
43 West Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
Each ceiling panel is 38" x 40"
5/8" thick with 1/4" of relief
curved on a 30" radius
using 70 lbs.
of recycled glass.
Colors were chosen
to mimic the twilight sky
behind glowing metal frames.
Each panel is filmed for safety,
and fitted into a steel frame.
Eleven of these 25" diameter pendants are installed in the Metro lobby and hallways
Variations in surface texture and deep relief
create the illusion of a bowl of the ocean held in by glowing metal frames.
Placing a diffuser
behind the "bowl" segments
completes the illusion of glowing metal
by allowing the light to shine through.
Project management,
form construction,
glass fabrication,
and installation
for this project
were all done in-house.
Tabletops, counters and other slab work
are a significant part of our production.
Our large-format casting kilns
allow us to make individual castings
as large as 48 X 96 inches
2 inches and more in thickness,
and up to a half ton in weight.
Established industry supply chains
and in-stock inventory of casting glasses
including over 60 colors of recycled glass
give us an extremely broad palette
and the ability to make large castings
quickly and cost-effectively.
Our patented ShapeCaster casting system
lets us easily make imaginative shapes
other artists only dream about.
And our extensive facilities
including hot and cold glass studios
metal and wood fabrication shops
and large project assembly areas
allow us to build and integrate in-house,
outsourcing only when it enhances the project.
Breakfast bar 66" x 18", 1" thick
Private residence at Eagle Rock, Oregon
Front edge is bullnosed on a curve
Full polish 5 sides
LED backlit
Made with recycled glass
Design by Annah James
Flying countertop
99 inches x 24 inches, 2 inches thick
Weight 420 lbs.
Private residence in Portland, Oregon
The surface looks like rough-cut stone
but feels satin-smooth.
Flying the counter above the base
gathers in the ambient light
and transmits it as a diffuse glow.
We made the cutting board, too.
Presentation panels
enhance an area in many ways.
Introduce a logo or theme
create a more private space
block an objectionable view
inform the viewer
or simply add beauty
to a living area,
meeting room
or public gathering place.
Panels can be
flat or curved,
wall mounted
or suspended,
back, front or sidelit
and/or filter natural light.
Desk or counter fronts,
window inserts,
freestanding screens
ceiling panels
or wall enhancements
are some of the many forms
these panels can take.
Reception desk, Mills international Student Center
Erb Memorial Union, University of Oregon
5 panels curved on a 90" radius
Text is "Welcome" in 30 languages
Design by Annah James
Lobby window screen
Implant Dentistry of Eugene
Eugene, Oregon
Design by Mary Hornig
Lobby screens
Market of Choice, Inc.
Corporate offices
Eugene, Oregon
13 panels
cast to maximize bubbles
in crystal clear glass
and backlit from above.
Each panel
has a pattern of reeds
in negative relief
cast into the glass.
Bowl forms have many uses
in architectural settings.
fountains and fonts
and interior design accents
are just a few of these.
Our large format capabilities
include large bowl forms
up to 30 inches in diameter
and a wide variety of
surface textures
creative edges
and colors.
The Pensieve
tranparent black
24 inch diameter
bubble free
part of a series made for Leavitt Weaver, SF
17 inch diameter
3/4 inch thickness
extreme texture
notched edge made with our patented ShapeCaster casting system
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